Animate On Scroll

A clever module ... Ensures that you can provide some animations when scrolling. View the overview of the possibilities on their site. The codes you see then must be applied to your div's. You can rewrite the fields in a view.


You can use CSS to make every piece of your page Sticky. A menu bar then remains at the top when scrolling. You give the section a class or ID name and you add position: sticky. A CSS instruction that is fairly recent. Older browsers can not do this.

Color field

A module that allows you to choose a color. You wonder what this can serve for? Well ... I combine it with the Token module and I let someone determine the background color of the site without the person needing Drupal knowledge.

An example

CSS Editor

A smaller version f the CSS injector module (part of the Asset injector). The CSS applies on a whole theme (or not). You can not apply it only for some pages, content types...


A special area for catching attention..Boxout. It has his own layout. (see the box on the right)


Add the button in your text format.

Colorbox Zoom

A Colorbox presentation with zoom possibilities. After activating of the module all Colorbox presentations have this zoom effect. This could be an disadvantage.

On the left, the default image. On the right, the zoom effect 1.5 X on mouseover.


You want a default textfield every time the node shows? This module does the job. Set the input not visible if needed. You can put the field wherever you want, just like another field. I used is as a replacement for a field label.

Switch Page Theme

Sometimes it is useful to change themes on one site. Views and blogs display in some themes better than in others. Frontpages can be cool in other themes...

After installing just do the settings on witch pages you want the themes.

Masonry API

Masonry has the possibility to fill in the empty spaces. Not only with images, but with all content. It adapts the size of the divs. During the resizing of the screen you get a javascript transition for free..


Panels is together with Display suite, capable of structuring your content.

You need Page Manager or Panelizer to do the configuration.

In the content type you use the panilize option.


A simple module that is very usefull for lang list. Certainly if multiselect is possible.

We hav all the countries of the world here.. Chosen offers you a simple textfield. When you click it turns into a list.


You want an other font family. A beautiful one.. There is a problem. Font familys have to be readable by the browser of the visitor. If you us special ones, you have to add your font-family with de page.

Display Suite

Display suite (short DS) is very popular. It offers you the possibility to split up your content block into regions (= extra blocks). Within these regions you can put your fields en add some CSS. DS allows you to make view modes for content types, others than teaser and full mode.