MixItUp Views

Surprisingly simple and clever module that allows you to simulate Facets without the difficult settings and search engines that are needed for Facets! The view has a nice built-in animation that is also fully responsive ..

A Simple Timeline

Handy module that turns a view into a timeline. The word timeline can be interpreted broadly. Everything that you actually want to show among each other is eligible. The order of the view is decisive for this. It does not have to be a date.

You have different settings:


With the Facet module, site builders can easily create and manage facets of search interfaces. You can see this a lot on webshops.

Views send

You have a view with an email field. With this module you can send row by row. Using tokens you can personyze your message.

Select the fields you need in the mail.


Views System

A module specially made for administrators.. One can make views with it that go into the Drupal core for its content. Module and theme views are possible now.

A view with the installed themes and their information.


A discovery... this one. A third party module that shows a view with animated transitons when filtering.

Install the third party. Take only what is necessary. The download has a lot more..


You can embed a view into a field with this module. Handy to navigate to other nodes you want to display. Use contextual filters to show the related (or excluded) content.

Set the view default or choose one for every node.


First you make a date field in a content type.

Now you use the views template module to make the calendar.


Choose the field you made.

Views Split

This modules uses the built in Display Modes possibility in Drupal 8.

In the structure menu you can set a new display mode. I made small teaser. Yust a name...

Draggable views

A very usefull module. The order of the items in a view are sorted by name, date, ...Suppose you want something different? Well.. you can change the creating date...like an amateur..Or you can use this module.

Views: possibilities with the core module

In this exercise we will try out all the possibilities within the view core module. Views has many more extension modules, but this is for later. Some reference knowlegdge is neede for this exercise as we are comining two content types. Views and references are in the core so you don't have to install anything.

We handle the following subjects:

In the core:

View types:

  • page
  • block
  • attachment
  • entity reference
  • feed

Display content in


One of the most powerfull mudules in Drupal. It is implemented in the core in Drupal 8.

Views allows you to display content (nodes, users, taxonomy,...) in a structured way. You can filter, sort, page,.. From the moment you add content, the view adapts automaticaly.