Image effect

We have seen several modules for making image styles.. (eg Focal Point, Imagick,..) This one is interresting for making images of the same size without loss of pixels. The empty space is filled with a white background.

An example.

Auto image style

The display of an image field can be put into an image style. Some images are portret, others are landscape oriented. This module allows you to set 2 image styles and the program will choose the one that fits the best...

Choose 2 styles.

Image Widget Crop

You need 2 modules for this one.. Image Widget Crop and the Crop module itself. You can crop a image field with it. A lot of configurations... Look also at the documentation. See link..

After installation you see a menu link in 'Structure'.

Image styles

Image fields in content types can be viewed in an image style. Drupal 8 also provides responsive image styles where you can set breakpoint depending on the width of the screen.