Logout Redirect

If you log out of a Drupal site and then hit the back button,
you can see pages from the authenticated user's previous session.

This could be a problem on public computers, if the authenticated user
had permission to see content protected by node access (or similar).

Node Title Validation

There is something like 'field validation', which determines what is allowed to be typed in a field and what is not. However, the title field is a special case. It is not regarded as an ordinary field. This module makes it possible to set a validation for the title field as well.

Protected Pages

Pages can be protected with a password. You can use a global password. Whan a visitor uses this password, he/she has access to all the protected pages. Or you can use a seperate password for each page.


This module adds an extra field to the form. Users don't see this field, spam bots do. From the moment this field (=honeypot) is filled, the form closes for some seconds.

This method is very user friendly as it is not visible for the user. Not so effectieve as Mollom though...


Every form has a vulnerability. Programs kan generate passwords and fill in the text fields. Captcha helps to avoid this. With the installation comes also Math Captcha. The mathematically way...

Page Access

Sometimes it's necessary that anonymous visitors or even certain roles (or persons) may not see certain content. The module Page Access makes this possible by content and not by content type.