Owl Carousel (Owl)

A special one... Owl Carousel has a Drupal8 release, who is not working (yet). There is a working Owl Module, but you won't find it in drupal.org...

If you should install the Owl Carousel en find out it is not working, the help sends you towards the Owl module...



A discovery... this one. A third party module that shows a view with animated transitons when filtering.

Install the third party. Take only what is necessary. The download has a lot more..

Masonry API

Masonry has the possibility to fill in the empty spaces. Not only with images, but with all content. It adapts the size of the divs. During the resizing of the screen you get a javascript transition for free..

Image styles

Image fields in content types can be viewed in an image style. Drupal 8 also provides responsive image styles where you can set breakpoint depending on the width of the screen.