Entity Connect

If there is a reference in a content type towards other content, users, taxomomy terms,... you can only make the link if the referenced contents already exists.

This module makes it possible to edit existing content or to add new ones, without leaving the node.

Inline Entity Form

This module provides a widget that can be used in reference fields. Usually it is a chosen link that references towards the other content type nodes. With this widget you can do more.. Create, edit and remove immediately without leaving the node you are working with.

Views: possibilities with the core module

In this exercise we will try out all the possibilities within the view core module. Views has many more extension modules, but this is for later. Some reference knowlegdge is neede for this exercise as we are comining two content types. Views and references are in the core so you don't have to install anything.

We handle the following subjects:

In the core:

View types:

  • page
  • block
  • attachment
  • entity reference
  • feed

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