Node Title Validation

There is something like 'field validation', which determines what is allowed to be typed in a field and what is not. However, the title field is a special case. It is not regarded as an ordinary field. This module makes it possible to set a validation for the title field as well.

Content Access

This module allows you to determine access at content type level.

Who is allowed to see, modify, create the nodes? Can be set per roll.

You go to your content type. A tab has been added with access rights.

Search Exclude (Node)

A default search page looks for content in all content types. If you want to hide some content using roles and permissions, the search pages continue to index this hidden content. When a user clicks these search results, they will get a page with no access. We want to avoid this.

Disable Field

You want to give permission to somebody to add or edit content? You want them not to add content in some paticular fields... Here is the module...Every field gets this option...


This module makes it easy to work with persons and their rights. A school with classes for example.. Allow them to view and participate with content, users, blogs and forums

It seems to be an alternative for the Organic Group module.

Field Permissions

In Drupal you can set permissions on content types.

With this module you can set permissions for every field. So it is possible to hide some fields unless the user is logged in. You can also give permissions to create or edit content.

Workbench moderation

Content can be maintained by a team. Permissions can be set by role. You can give access to somebody to produce a draft version of new content, without producing it. It needs a review of a publisher. The Workbench module (not this one) gives a view display of all the changes that have been made.