If you view content, you can use this tool to navigate to the previous and next nodes. You can even do this with multiple content types at the same time. The navigation can be used with an image. Dispaly as a small block or an extendable slide.


Hany module to navigate between nodes of a content type.

Configure the content types.


In the display mode, 2 fields are now available.

Sticky Navigation

You can make any element sticky. That means that you keep it visible at all times. Usually navigation blocks like menus are used for this, but you can choose any element you want.

Look at the menu in the default situation...


This module allows you to put an internal link to existing content. So you can combine your nodes the easy way. Also files, taxonmy terms,... can be used.

After installation you need to make a profile first.


This core module provides a link field. The reult is a hyperlink to the content of the field.

There are some options: