You can use CSS to make every piece of your page Sticky. A menu bar then remains at the top when scrolling. You give the section a class or ID name and you add position: sticky. A CSS instruction that is fairly recent. Older browsers can not do this.


This module allows you to do more with menu's. There are a lot of configurations to explore. Columns, depths, effects,...

After installation of the module and his third party files, you get for every existing menu a Superfish alternative. Delete the other menu blocks.

Sticky Navigation

You can make any element sticky. That means that you keep it visible at all times. Usually navigation blocks like menus are used for this, but you can choose any element you want.

Look at the menu in the default situation...

Taxonomy Menu

Toxonomy is being used to group content with the same tags. If you want to show these tags, you can make a view and present it as a block or page.

The taxonomy menu module does the same but better...E.g. It is able to respect the hierachy of the terms.

Menus and menu links

Menus are a collection of links (menu links). They can be added manually. Here you see an example of the menus of the site. Be carefull with the administration menu. It has all the links you need to administer your site.

Sometimes it is usefull to make a new menu.