A module where you first have to think about the usefulness of it ... It converts text fields (also title field) to an image (in png). You can set background and letter color. With the module there are also a number of fonts, but you can add them yourself. All text, becomes an image.

Image effect

We have seen several modules for making image styles.. (eg Focal Point, Imagick,..) This one is interresting for making images of the same size without loss of pixels. The empty space is filled with a white background.

An example.

Image Hover Effects

Add some hovr effects on your images in nodes and views.

With a little CSS (use Asset injector), you can display images in an attractive way. Take an image style larger than you CSS width. When zooming in the image will still show acceptable resolution.


Initially made for tagging faces in an image. You can use this also to put info on the image. Use the new field.


Click on the image and fill in.

Owl Carousel (Owl)

A special one... Owl Carousel has a Drupal8 release, who is not working (yet). There is a working Owl Module, but you won't find it in drupal.org...

If you should install the Owl Carousel en find out it is not working, the help sends you towards the Owl module...



A discovery... this one. A third party module that shows a view with animated transitons when filtering.

Install the third party. Take only what is necessary. The download has a lot more..

Simple Image Popup

This module allows you to use pictures in the CKEditor text fields that popup by clicking. It is not a gallery.. One image at the time.. It is usefull when you put small pictures in the text. Visitors can look at them in full size by clicking.

Colorbox Zoom

A Colorbox presentation with zoom possibilities. After activating of the module all Colorbox presentations have this zoom effect. This could be an disadvantage.

On the left, the default image. On the right, the zoom effect 1.5 X on mouseover.

Image Resize Filter

This module should be in the core... a long time ago. If you use the CKEditor to resize images, the module filters away the pixels that are no longer necessary. The original picture and a smaller copy is stored in your folders. Your page will show up faster. Good for the SEO too..

Auto image style

The display of an image field can be put into an image style. Some images are portret, others are landscape oriented. This module allows you to set 2 image styles and the program will choose the one that fits the best...

Choose 2 styles.


You want to use images between text in your CKEditor, but you want to use image styles too... It is possible.

After activating your module do the settings... In wich textformat you want to use it?

CKEditor Upload Image

Your working with the CKEditor and you want to add a picture. Just copy-paste it! The image will upload itself automatically. The pictire has to be on the clipboard of your computer. On this moment copy-paste directly from websites is not possible due to browser settings.

Masonry API

Masonry has the possibility to fill in the empty spaces. Not only with images, but with all content. It adapts the size of the divs. During the resizing of the screen you get a javascript transition for free..

Image Widget Crop

You need 2 modules for this one.. Image Widget Crop and the Crop module itself. You can crop a image field with it. A lot of configurations... Look also at the documentation. See link..

After installation you see a menu link in 'Structure'.

Image styles

Image fields in content types can be viewed in an image style. Drupal 8 also provides responsive image styles where you can set breakpoint depending on the width of the screen.



As you have the possibility to upload files with the build in tool from CKEditor (in the core), one should not have to use IMCE any more. Wrong!. The new IMCE has many advantages. Lets first have a look at the build in tool. You can configure it in the text editor settings. (eg. full HTML)