Contact Storage

Every time somebody uses the contact form a mail is sent.  This modules stores every mail into the Drupal database. So you can look at every contribution.

Look at the module configuration to see te new tab.


A big one...this is...A large improvement in comparence with Drupal 7. A very popular one too..

The module has a lot of built in CSS and tools. The elements are sometimes prefabricated into components eg name, address,..component


This module adds an extra field to the form. Users don't see this field, spam bots do. From the moment this field (=honeypot) is filled, the form closes for some seconds.

This method is very user friendly as it is not visible for the user. Not so effectieve as Mollom though...


Every form has a vulnerability. Programs kan generate passwords and fill in the text fields. Captcha helps to avoid this. With the installation comes also Math Captcha. The mathematically way...