The book module is present in the core. This was already so in Drupal 7. It allows you to show content with a related paging system. For large content it is usefull.

After activating you see a content type 'book page'.


The built in search page has a number of configurations...


First of all, look at the permissions.. Advanced search is not active by default.



The Contact module allows site visitors to send emails to other authenticated users and to the site administrator. By default, Drupal 8 has the Contact module enabled.


The Ban module allows an administrator to ban visits to his/her site from specifick IP addresses.
This functionality exist already in Drupal 7 as a part of the System module.


One of the most powerfull mudules in Drupal. It is implemented in the core in Drupal 8.

Views allows you to display content (nodes, users, taxonomy,...) in a structured way. You can filter, sort, page,.. From the moment you add content, the view adapts automaticaly.


This core module provides a link field. The reult is a hyperlink to the content of the field.

There are some options: