If you view content, you can use this tool to navigate to the previous and next nodes. You can even do this with multiple content types at the same time. The navigation can be used with an image. Dispaly as a small block or an extendable slide.

Basic Cart

This is a simple version of a webshop. It allows you to add the shopping possibility to a common content type. Not so big as Commerce but sometimes it is sufficient. The buyer and admin gets an email after buying. No online payments but TVA,... is present.


Panels is together with Display suite, capable of structuring your content.

You need Page Manager or Panelizer to do the configuration.

In the content type you use the panilize option.

Display Suite

Display suite (short DS) is very popular. It offers you the possibility to split up your content block into regions (= extra blocks). Within these regions you can put your fields en add some CSS. DS allows you to make view modes for content types, others than teaser and full mode.

Field group

The field group module adds tabs (horizontal, vertical, accordeon,..) to the input and/or output of a content type.

You have to make a container first, then add the items.