Fontawesome is a module that allows you to bring icons to your website without having to upload them. Just think of the icon for an airport, a toilet, fire hazard, etc ...


A special area for catching attention..Boxout. It has his own layout. (see the box on the right)


Add the button in your text format.

Simple Image Popup

This module allows you to use pictures in the CKEditor text fields that popup by clicking. It is not a gallery.. One image at the time.. It is usefull when you put small pictures in the text. Visitors can look at them in full size by clicking.


A CKEditor plugin that allows you to add a wide range of symbols.

Third party... Use the link on the Symbol page to download and install.



When you want to use a piece of content several times in a textfield, you can make a Box first and reuse it when needed.

It is a new structure. It acts like a block, but embedded in a text field. You could use it as a piece of information to start or to end with writing articles.


You want to use images between text in your CKEditor, but you want to use image styles too... It is possible.

After activating your module do the settings... In wich textformat you want to use it?