YouTube Fullscreen video

You want on your site a full screen video from YouTube .. You can do this with the Video Embed Field module, but the module I made is simpler if you want a full screen.

The module creates a new content type and the necessary fields. You can loop and you can also set the silent mode to play any sound (mute). Some browsers have limitations in automatic video playback. I can not change that. As a visitor you get then a notification to agree.

The title of the node is displayed as a link (you can decide where the link leads).

On videos are also valid copyright. So watch what you put on your site. The best is still that you have uploaded the video course.


The module comes with 3 dependencies

  1.  PHP filter module (
  2.  Clever Theme Switcher (
  3. which is itself still has a dependency ( )

After installation, you must activate the Stark theme ( not as set by default) and disable all blocks except the theme of this content block. So you get a full screen. If you do not want to play the video just wondering in your theme. The Clever Theme Switcher was set to Stark theme. You can change this course.