Views Slideshow Cycle2

Views slideshow is a convenient way to propose content. She uses the third party 'Cycle' library.

There has always been a problem to make this completely responsive. Witness the years of discussions on the forums.

An example ... when resizing your screen from large to small ... The image is responsive but the block is not. The content is much too low. By updating your browser you can solve this, but this is not really professional.



Other way around. From small to large resizen. The image does not change anymore.


This module makes it possible to use the new Cycle2 library. This is fully responsive.

After installation you can choose a local or DNS version. The DNS version works perfectly and enjoys my preference. No more hassle with installing the third party yourself.



Now you have to set with your slideshow that you want to use the Cycle 2.




And yes ... Even if you turn a smartphone from portrait to landscape .. Immediate result.


Resizing no longer presents any problem.