Unite Gallery Tiles Justified Links

Unite Gallery has some clever scripts that are among the best to represent image galleries. The code was released under the MIT license, courtesy of Max Valiano | http://unitegallery.net

Of all of their examples I have selected: Unite Gallery Tiles Left Justified. This representation of the images is such that, regardless of the width of the screen, you always have a fully stocked row at the end. By clicking there comes a beautiful representation of the images at full size. Also you can define a link. It is a pity that this is not (yet) integrated into Drupal 8.

I have the code integrated into the field structure of Drupal 8. I also implemented the code settings. The width of the gallery, the distance between the images, the link option, shade or not ... everything is adjustable. 


You have created an image field in a content type. Remember their machine names.

Enter your nodes. I suppose you add Alt to each image. Alt will be visible in the popup display.

Create a node of type Unite Gallery Tiles Left Justified

Fill out all fields.


This show perfectly adapts to the width of the screen. Note that there is always a nice full row down. 

By clicking on an image will open a new presentation. This time in true size of the images. (Max 1300 px)


By clicking the link, go to the node. I made that you can remove the link.

the node..


1) It is a third party. Set in the libraries folder.

2) Install the module. First install the dependencies

3) Enter your nodes (see method) See the results when you are logged out or look in another browser.