A module where you first have to think about the usefulness of it ... It converts text fields (also title field) to an image (in png). You can set background and letter color. With the module there are also a number of fonts, but you can add them yourself. All text, becomes an image.

When would you be able to use this in nodes and / or views?

Well ... you can combine it with an image style that you could use for example to offer the text as a button. For me it also seems interesting to convert text to images and to use them as images in a view between other images. A photogallery can then contain both normal images and these text images. They behave in the same way as they are all images.

I leave it to your imagination to do something clever with this.

Here I have converted the title as an image.


You first need to indicate which fonts you want to use with the fonts.


At the settings you will find the path to the fonts folder. Caution! It is possible that when installing the module this is not the folder where the fonts are. Move it to the correct folder (= custom). Changing the path gave me an error message. So you have to move the files.


In the content type you now choose text 2 image and you set everything up.



When you look at the HTML code, you now also see that the text has indeed become an image, with an image style. By using this link you can display this text as an image anywhere on your site. You can also do this with views, if necessary in combination with other real images. I think that is the strength of this module. Photo galleries with text in between that behave like real images ... this offers possibilities.