Split Slick Slideshow

Beautiful presentation of pictures ... When scrolling or dragging, the next image appears into two halves. The one half comes from above, the other from below.

I have adapted the existing script Fabio Ottaviani and integrated it into the field structure of Drupal 8. The module contains a lot of code but is no third party. I also put a link on every image to the node, otherwise you could not navigate.

When dragging or scrolling, the following picture comes with animation.

Clicking takes you to the usual Drupal node.

A new content type was created. You just fill  in the machine names of the content type and image field. The view contains all the images of this content type. The images Alt is shown at the top.


1) Install the dependencies

2) The module uses the Stark theme. This is already in Drupal (default installation). Activate Stark (do not set default), and hide all the blocks of this theme except the content block. (Stark is used for the content type of the module because it does not contain scripts that may disturb.)

3) Install the module