Social Media Block

The modules provides a configurable block that display links (icons) to your profiles on various popular networking sites.
Install and enable the module.

Go to Structure - Bock layout and go to the region in which you wish to place the module,
click on 'Place block'.

social media block place block1.png

Choose 'Social media links' and click on Place Block.

social media block place block2.png

Fill in the social media links you want, the appearance en linkattributes settings.

social media links appearance and link attributes.png

There is a standard icon set available, but you can download several other sets.
For example Elegant Themes Icons. You download and unzip the file. Make a map libraries/elegantthemes/PNG in the map modules/social_media_links
and copy all the png files to this location.

social media links icon sets.png

Save and you get the follow result.

social media links result.png