Simple Questionnaire


These fully self-written module creates a content type that generates a questionnaire. It is kept simple deliberately. For more options, I refer to the H5P module and at the time of this writing, there is no Drupal 8 Quiz module.

This module has one dependency:

The CKeditor is used to ask the questions. Given the capabilities of CKEditor (images, video, audio, frames, ...) you can be creative, if necessary with some additional CKEditor modules. When the answer is wrong, a hint can be provided via the hintfield (also CKEditor).

A built-in navigation is also provided. Ex. Question 2 of 5 ... Only with a correct answer you can go to the next question. For each correct answer you get one point. For ar wrong answer it goes down a point. In the end the result is displayed.

The answers can be classified into four types.

1) Text field with one possible answer.

2) Text field with multiple possibilities (you can choose between Latvia and Lithuania)

3) Multiple choice question with one correct answer.

4) Multiple choice with multiple correct answers.

How does it work...

You ask a question and fill in the correct answer(s). Fill in multiple correct answers, the answer is correct if there is one corresponding answer. The answer is not case sensitive.

If you enter one answer, you get a dropdown to select the answer. 

If you enter multiple answers, the program knows that you use a multiple selection list.

The system operates fairly intuitive. Depending how to fill in the fields, the system will adapt. The content type can be used for multiple questionnaires. You must fill in a taxonomy term. As a result, the questions are grouped together according this term..

Create a menu link for your first question. Then the user loops all the questions.