Simple Node Importer

I like simple things and this is one of them. An alternative for 'Feeds' .. You can import all core fields (+email).

First you must determine the settings (by development). You must do this once.

You also decide if there should be created new users and / or taxonomy terms.

I shall import nodes in the content type 'Article'. Go to import content. When choosing your type of content you can download a sample csv file. This includes the titles of the fields of your content types. Convenient. Note that the columns are separated by a comma, and is not so as in an Excel => CSV file, (semi-colon).

I rewrite the file content for a node. Yes or No (for Published) done with 1 or 0. For multiple fields you create multiple columns. For images you use the source URL.

This is also clearly explained above the importfile.

You get a link table. If you use the same column headings they will be filled by default.

For multiple fields use multiple columns. Convenient. No Feeds Tamper needed.


Oddly enough, you always get a node in your import type. A kind of log file.

The result. Note the multiple labels. The photo was even taken from another site ...

If something is wrong in your CSV, you'll get a message through the resolution center. Here I had, as a test, used an incorrect URL for the image.

This module also has some drawbacks. With each import you must go through the same steps. Each of the nodes are always created. Updating existing nodes can not be done. But what a simple way to add content once ...