This module allows the administrator to redirect a URL to an other, in case the first one does not exist any more. This can happen if you moved your content to an other place, renamed the URL, or if you have a new site with almost the same content..

You may think what is the problem? A page who does not exist any more does not have visitors. Yep it is possible.. Search engines remember the old links for a long time...People who came through this gate, do not find your content any more..

The Redirect module, present in Drupal 8 is a combination of Drupal 7 Path Redirect and Global Redirect. These ones you don't need any more.. After activiation you wil find these links.


A tab with the configuration. Read them. I did  not change the settings, but you can..


Every time a visitor tried to reach a non existing page, a log file is made. From now on you can follow these errors with the module log.


You can configurate a redirect on this try, so that the page refers to an existing page. It is better to avoid this errors and set a redirect in advance. Here you see that is capture the non existing testing page. I redirect towards redirecttest. I reality you have to refer to your new page of course.




Let's try..


We come out here..

The URL has changed indeed.