PrintFriendly and PDF


With the PrintFriendly & PDF module  print pages without coding, css, or print.css or create a pdf.
You can configure where (content types and content display) the button should appear.
PrintFriendly & PDF automatically changes language to match your visitor's language settings. For example, if your browser is set to Spanish, then PrintFriendly will use Spanish.

Download and enable the module.

Go to Configuration - Printfriendly.

print configuration.png

Select the content types where the button should appear.

print type en display.png

Select also the content display.

print choose button.png

There are  a lot of features to customize this tool.

print features.png

You can edit the page or remove the images before printing or getting a PDF.

You can create your own buttons and save them in the map /modules/printfriendly/images.