A module that allows you to transfer content from one node to a new node in another content type. You choose which fields you transfer. Suppose a visitor looks at a node (for example a product) and that you provide a request information button, about this product with a nodeform ....

At the bottom of the node of the product is this button:


The visitor arrives at this form. Note that fields have already been filled in. Fill in mail address and ready. We now know exactly what the question is about. 


How are you doing this?

If you create a field with this link:[title]=This is the title, then the form of the content type information opens and you already fill in the title field with the text "This is the title ". This module makes that you can place data in the URL that is filled in by the new node. You can do this for multiple fields if you extend this with an ampersand (&). It becomes more interesting if you can also give variables instead of static text. With the Token Filter module you can easily do this.

The example below generates a link in a plain text field where I entered code. It places the title and the first taxonomy term in the new node. Note that I added 'entity' at the back of the token. Taxonomy terms show default as a link. This would create a link in a link and since I want to make a button this does not work. Note that I use the PHP mode for my text field. The &, otherwise gets encoded in the source code of 'Full HTML'.

Dan opent het 

Now all that remains is to display this link as a button: