It's rare that I discuss a module that have not been available on, but for this I do not mind making an exception. Photobox is one of the most advanced image galleries. Until now only available in Drupal 7. Thanks to Balint Csuthy (Pasqualle) it is now on Github with a Drupal 8 version.

You install it by downloading the module (see link) and install the zip. Through the composer instructions of the author, you can also install the third party.

In the display mode of your image field in your content type, you set the Photobox. The thumbnail refers to the display of the node. The big picture style is needed for the Photobox performance.


The thumbnails of the node. With some CSS you can put the images side by side ...

Upon clicking, you get the photobox. The alt I used here as a caption.

You can set autoplay. There's even a time indicator.

Also you can hide the thumbnails of the presentation and if necessary also tilt images as the orientation is not good ..

Finally ... you can scroll through the image for zooming in or out.

If you know this is completely responsive, you understand this is a nice module ...