Owl Carousel (Owl)

A special one... Owl Carousel has a Drupal8 release, who is not working (yet). There is a working Owl Module, but you won't find it in drupal.org...

If you should install the Owl Carousel en find out it is not working, the help sends you towards the Owl module...



De Owl module has to be installed manually..



So.. don't install Owl Carousel, but Owl with Github. One problem ..Owl can only be used for personal purposes.. So...not useable.. But...


After remarks from the Drupal community, the Owl maintainers agreed to change the license..(= free to use)  under the name Owl Carousel, wich is not working... Stay with me please..it will be a happy end...

Why som much trouble.. Well it is one of the most responsive galleries.. For each screen one can set the amount of pictures to be viewed. The first number is the screen width in pixels. Te second number is the amount of images to be shown.


Look at the PC, tablet and smartphone display of the same gallery.


In stead of a gallery, you can show only one picture with several transition effects.


Is is not usual that a module can not be installed throughout the drupal.org  site. This one is a worthy exception... After adjusting the license, this could become a big one in the Drupal world. I expect the Owl Carousel to be bugfree within some months. In the mean while use the Owl module.