OtherView Filter

This is a special module ... You can filter a view with the content of a different view. ..

When do you need this? I immediately saw an opportunity ...

The left side is a view of photos filtered with the 'landscape' tag. On your right you see another view with thumbnail images that show all the pictures, except those with the 'landscape' tag.

It's interactive. In other choices, the content is automatically adjusted in the second view.

We make the first view, with a visible filter (as an example).

Then we make the second view. Note that there was set a filter with the "other view filter".

With this filter you can hide or show content that is dependent from the other view.

Just make sure you disable the cache of this block. It must always renew when the other view is adjusted. Ajax use is not an option. Also note that I hide this block if no content is displayed.

I, at the time of this writing, am using the dev version. 8.x 1.x-dev This is able to work with visible filters. The previous ones are not.