Module Export

You want to copy all active modules from server A to server B. Easy... with this module


You have to install the Module Export on both servers. One for the export, one for the import.

On the export site...


I chose the module export. A tar has been generated with a complete homemade module.


Go to server B and install the self made module. It contains all the modules form server A. Activating this selfmade module is only possible if all the other modules from server A are present. You can do this manually, but this takes time and this would make this Module Export useless..


The magic is that you can enable your selfmade module with one drush command, installing and activating all dependecies (all the modules from server A)

If you ar not familiar with can easily install drush with composer. This is an example on Neostrada servers.


Take the master version. 


Go to the drush folder /vendor/bin (Filezilla example)


As i work with local drush and not global (many students on same server) i need to use php drush as command.

Enable your selfmade module..


In a few seconds i have installed and activated 25 modules.I still have to upload the third parties dependecies in the libraries folder though.