Mobile Device Detection

How to hide a block or pageview on desktop, tablet or mobile phone ... You can do it with CSS, this module detects the device automatically.

As an example I will hide the 'branding' block on mobiles and tablets.



With views you can see this on pages. Underneath there is a setting.

Also in the block representation of a view you can set it up.

This way of working is easier than with CSS (display: none;) to depend on the width of your screen (@media) content to establish whether or not to show the content. This module also lends itself to blend in with the Clever Theme Switcher to change themes depending on your device. But there is a but .. In my smartphone Huawei it did not work and it was all visible. Trump will it have something to do I think .. LOL

No worries. Put your brand..Je can even specify the type ...

in config

This file contains the brands and their types ..

I added the first line .... because I added this without sfecification, any type of this brand will be considered as a phone.