MixItUp Views

Surprisingly simple and clever module that allows you to simulate Facets without the difficult settings and search engines that are needed for Facets! The view has a nice built-in animation that is also fully responsive ..

You have to install it with composer. They themselves offer a zip alternative, but this does not work well.

After the installation with composer there are files in the Vendormap, which you have to move to the libraries folder. The patrickkunka folder may then remain empty.


De verplaatste bestanden:


You now create a view of the 'Mixitup' type. If you want to filter, the view must contain taxonomy terms. You can use fields or teasers. 


The taxonomy terms automatically appear as a filter.


If you filter, there will be a nice animation (I can not show it here ...)

You can also set the animation yourself. You can also sort if necessary.