Loading Effects for Grid Items

Masonry combined with a choice of effects when loading images. Mary Lou (Codrops) made this and I've thoroughly reworked it into a Drupal 8 module and made it user friendly.

You can set..

  • what type of content you use and what image field.
  • what effect you want when loading

  • if you want to show the title of the node or not
  • how you want to sort the data

  • how many columns you want (some themes have a margin or padding on the body. This can lead to 1 column less)
  • how much space between the items you want

The settings...

Also use the alt and title for the images for SEO purposes ..

Fully responsive of course ...


The module uses a image style width a width of 400px. It is desirable that your images are at least 400px wide.