Jssor List Slider

A beautiful presentation (with or without autoplay) of al the images in an image field of a specific content type. The images are displayed with thumbnails links to the other images. I use the Alt and Title of the image to display some text and description. The image itself serves as a link to the node. The thumbnails are linking to the corresponding image. If you point at a thumbnail, the slideshow will stop and you can quietly watch the picture.

Each image can via Alt and Title generate text. You do this in the content type with the images.

Then make your slider ...


  • Install the third party in the "libraries" folder. (/libraries/listslider)
  • Install the dependencie:  https://www.drupal.org/project/php
  • Install the module
  • The slider makes use of an image style with a width of 1200 px. Use images that can handle this width. Make sure your theme is no limit to this width.