Jssor image gallery

On the net there are great tools (Codrops, Jssor, ...) in pure code, which are not suitable for a CMS. The challenge is to adapt these scripts into Drupal 8. So one can use the structure of the CMS.

I have managed to integrate one of the most beautiful picture galleries. More so .. I have made a Drupal module so that this tool can now be used by anyone. Respect and rights remain to Jssor. I have only the merit to integrate it into Drupal.

Install like any other module:

Asset injector and PHP filter dependencies that are not in the core. PHP filter gets in Drupal named "php" (without filter). Make sure the rights to use the php module are for the admin.

Programmers use hooks instead of this module. Be ware that my students are not programmers...so...

After installation a content type has been created. The fields can be reused into each other content type.

A node gets a title and you can add the images. Done.