jQuery Auto Height

If you use floating blocks (with a little CSS) in your nodes or views, the heigth of the blocks are not equal. Sometimes it is more beautiful if the height is the same.

This module looks in a row what is the highest block and addapts all the other heights. It is responsive. In every screen, with different blocks, it looks to the highest block in the row.

Three blocks in a row.


Two blocks in a row...




One block in a row.. (smartphone) the  module does not addapt any more.. Logic. No need to do so.


How does it work? First you make a CSS class for the block with floating, background, border,..


In the content you set the class. From now on the blocks display with background, border,.. but they have not the same height..


Configure in the module settings which classes must have auto height. Done.


It is a third party with one file..


In a view one can set classes to a row. So you can use it in the same way.