Insert View


Embed a view in a node. I a text field you can apply the filter if your Full HTML configuration is correct.


Look at the example below. In the middel of the text a syntax is visible [view:te_zien_in_node=embed_1]. First you have the reference tot the view name, then to the view display.


The reference for the display you can find by hovering the display and looking at het URL. In this example you see embed_1. If there is only one display, this part is optional. You can even use a third part for arguments. You can filter in advance doing that.


Een voorbeeld. Ik heb de view tussen de tekst gezet zoals je kunt zien.


An other choise...


If you use a view with page display and you use a filter, the filter will always redirect to the view. Therefore one needs to make a view type embedded. The arguments are given tot the node now and not to the view. You stay looking at the node. (look at the URL of the node)