You want every visitor who types in the url without https //: to end up on the secure site. For this the HTacces file of the site needs to be modified. Only downside is that every time there is a core upgrade, you have to change the HTacces file again.

Htaccess is a module which autogenerates a Drupal root htaccess file based on your settings.


  • Set redirection to www or non www.
  • Use Followsymlinks or SymlinksIfOwnersMatch.
  • HTTPS support (redirect all request to HTTPS or support both protocols).
  • Protect core text files (like CHANGELOG.txt) from being viewed.
  • Ability to insert Boost htaccess settings.
  • Add custom rules before Drupal rules.
  • Each htaccess is attached to a profile. This way, you can manage several htaccess files and deploy the right one to your website.
  • Check if htaccess is altered and report in site status
  • Drush integration.


Installation & usage

  • Install the module
  • On the settings page, set the options you want for your htaccess.

Instellingen htacces

  • On the generate page, set a name and a short description of what you htaccess do. Then click on generate. A htaccess profile will be created, based on the settings you set.

generate htacces profile

  • The "deploy" page list all the htaccess profile you have created. You can view, delete, deploy or download the htaccess.


To deploy  you have tot click the button deploy





Then the URL is changed