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A module that generates a view of a selected content type with an image field. The image field can contain multiple images. It is filtered on a taxonomy field. Each term creates a menu link, along with a general overview. Nodes that are tagged with multiple terms, come in each of the menu.

The images are displayed with their alt and are linking to a node or to a colorbox. Also you can choose the color of the menu bar via a color field.

Thanks to the script of Mary Lou (Codrops) this presentation is completely responsive. Its code is thoroughly revised into the Drupal structure.

You create a node and you obtain a view ...

Choose where the images link to

Also choose the color of your menu bar



You can link to the node or to a Colorbox performance.


1) install the third party in the "libraries" folder. If you use the Colorbox, you have to install a third party for that too.

2) install the dependencies.

If you want to use this Colorbox:

3) install the module.