This is one where you can not start if you do not have much time .. I have spent nearly half a day to go over all the possibilities ...

In your content type (your choise) a body field is transformed into a kind of paragraph system where you add text, videos, images, image galleries, ... You can in this same content type use other fields, but this is not really the intention i think.

After installation you can use three parts.

In Gutenberg Cloud choose what you want to use.

Now go to your content type, you indicate that you want to use Gutenberg.


You must have at least one body field. Since everything happens there. The other fields are optional.

Now when you create content, you get the ability to add components.

An example of the possibilities .. Going from existing Drupal blocks up to columns and picture galleries.

Let's start with some text

You can easily change the formatting in the settings.

Insert an image .... whether or not the background of the text.

Every time you choose an item you get the contextual possibilities. Here I set the background as fixed. When scrolling it remains.

Let us add a picture.

You can add an image with or without text. Note the icons.


with the necessary settings


You can also create a simple shop.


Again, you get the opportunity to refer to the nodes.

An image gallery ..

Load your images ...

Note again the settings right. The number of columns can define yourself.

Turns it is responsive too.

Each component is also configurable.

Also note that each part can be assigned whit its own CSS.

Finally ... if you have other fields in the content type attached you can address this through 'more settings'. 

I have an image field and an additional text field. So you can combine the flexibility of Drupal and Gutenberg ..