Flipping Gallery

This gallery has been originally created by [R Pete.] ( Http://www.thepetedesign.com ), Founder, or [BucketListly] ( http://www.bucketlistly.com ). I have this incorporated the code into the Drupal 8 structure.

You can present multiple images in one node on a nice way. You can navigate by clicking and scrolling (not for small screens). I also made it responsive . A content type was created to put your images in, with their alt text. The Focal Point module can be used if necessary to set the focus.

In the display you get a nice performance. You can navigate by clicking or scrolling (front and back) and by using the navigation buttons. I took out the navigation buttons for large screens. For smartphones, they or interesting as scrolling does not work there.


The portrait display works nicely with the FocalPoint module.


1) Set the third party files in the libraries folder.

2) Install the dependencies

3) Install the module.

4) Go to the content type and create content. If necessary, use CSS for the background