Field Formatter Filter

A module that does not seem to be really useful at first sight, but still has its usefulness.

First, a word about text formats. Full, simple and limited HTML and plain text are standard in Drupal 8. Each has its own HTML capabilities and limitations. For example, you can not display images in limited HTML and you can not use CSS and Javascript in simple HTML. Things you can set yourself by the way.

This module allows you to choose what you want in the display of a text field, regardless of what you used in the input.


For example, in a teaser view, you can filter out the images.

In my example, I use an accordion view in the CKEditor. Pretty, but in print view, the contents of the collapsed tabs are not displayed.


So, I create a new display mode, which I use to exclude the accordion scripts via simple HTML. The full content is now visible.


I just have to make another view (or something else like Display Suite) that shows this view.