Entity Questions and Answers

Surprising module that is available only for Drupal 8. It allows you to add a question and answer system to a node, taxonomy term, user ... This should allow users to ask questions in connection with the proposed content. So I could provide additional questions in this article. Which can then be answered by the people with response permission.

There is a full integration of the mail system. The authors of the questions and answers will be informed if there is new data. 

You add a field to your entity type: 'Questions and Answers'

The do not see the field if there was nothing asked in the input form. It just comes visible during the display mode.

You have plenty of settings

So you can determine if the questions and answers also require approval.

You can also, as an administrator (and others ...) keep informed  for new questions.

OK. For example, I did a review of the Rules module. There is opportunity to ask questions. Someone asks if Rules is already fully operational ... LOL This person is registered with the tread and thus can receive an email if there is an answer.

And finally comes the answer .. 2 users have this answer labeled as useful ..

In the nodeform you see now the questions and answers.

Who can ask some questions and put answers is a matter of permisions. The module created itself 2 new roles. To you to set the permissions.

There is also an administrative area which provides a list of all these possibilities. Convenient.

Here, both the question and answer are approved.

You can even put redirects to the page with the conditions and rights.