deGov Simplenews


This module extends Simplenews with a couple of helpful (GDPR-related) features:

  • adds a number of fields:
    • fields for first and last name to the registration form
    • require mandatory fields to define privacy policy pages for all enabled languages
    • adds a mandatory check box to the registration form to give consent for the processing of personal information
  • hides the login form if the privacy pages are not defined
  • adds information that has given permission to the subscriber data page
  • adds a cron task that removes subscribers with all unconfirmed subscriptions after a defined period


At the settings you must:

  • to mention the link to the privacy policy page and this for each language used in the site.
  • to state the message that they agree with the privacy police (with link).
  • and to set the time after which unconfirmed registrations must be deleted.