Cookie_Banner and EU Cookie Compliance are 2 modules that show a banner that cookies are used. A good alternative is Cookiebot, this

helps with the use of cookies and online tracking of GDPR and ePR-compliant. This module provides this functionality of third parties to Drupal. So the visitor determines which cookies are used.






You must have an account with Cookiebot. You can choose a free account (1 domain name and max 100 pages) or a paying version.

After registration you can add your domain name to the list (free account = 1 domain name or subdomain)



site registratie

In the tab "Dialog" you can choose how the message should be displayed.

dialoog cookiebot

The tab "Declaration" can only be changed by paying accounts.

Cookiebot declaration


At the "Content" tab you will see the text that will be displayed on the page explaining the use of cookies



cookie uitleg


And finally you have the tab "Your scripts". Here you can copy 2 scripts for use in your site.

I do not use the first script since I have selected the "Dialog" tab to use an existing popup.

Copy Script 2 and paste it into the source code of the Cookie Explanation page (you can create it yourself).


cookie scripts



Install the module in the usual way and activate it, then you can make the necessary settings through "Settings - Settings - System - Cookiebot configuration".



First you need the Domain Group ID or CBID. This can be found above the scripts on the tab "Your scripts" This code only works on the indicated domain.




You can also indicate on which page the explanation about the use of cookies is displayed.

At the bottom you can tick on this not to apply for admin and admin pages.





Page explanation use cookies

Create a simple page and place the explanation of the use of the cookies. You can write a text yourself, but it is much easier to use the text written by cookie bot (and possibly adapted by you). You do this by copying the script that you find at the bottom of the tab "Your scripts" and pasting it into the source code.

cookie script

After saving you will see that the site is being scanned for the first time. After emptying the cache you will see the text.



If a visitor now visits your site for the first time, he will see a pop-up, where he can choose which cookies he allows:

  • necessary (this can not be unchecked)
  • preferences
  • statistics
  • marketing

If you click on details, the visitor can see what each does and how many are used.

korte uitleg

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