Content Slider

Beautiful presentation of the latest contributions of a content type. I drastically reworked the original code (All credits to Christine Wenniger). It is part of a onepage theme of her, I have kept the first part. The last six contributions are shown by means of a title and image. I have also provided a button to go to the older contributions. This link should be completed and refers to the view showing the older contributions. This view you have to make yourself.

In a narrower screen the 6 items are shown in a slideshow. 3 X 2 images.

By clicking "Previous contributions" you come to your own view. So you decide how it looks ...

The page configuration:

The module has no third party. Only the  is a dependency. For a wide screen presentation you need to choose a theme that allows that. Through the Clever Theme Switcher module, you can do so without problems. I have set it to Stark for this content type. This is not necessary. The show is perfectly possible in the theme you are using default. It will then be shown as part of the theme.