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A handsome module (single Drupal 8) makes views when you integrated content types with a scheduler and/or workflow.

Scheduler ensures that you can publish and unpublish nodes into a future date. Workflow provides a status of the node (draft, published, archived ...) and works closely with Scheduler.

If you have many nodes it is difficult to keep an overview. What is now scheduled exactly? What has been archived? What has been published at this time?

The module is displayed as a new tab in the Administration itself and has three parts.


Let's start with the calendar. You get a beautiful calendar with filtering capabilities.



It should be set with the scheduler for at least one content type, or you see no planning of course.


If necessary, you can also add a workflow for the content type.



In the settings the calendar now indicates what type of content you wish to record. You can refer to them  in a different color.


Now the calendar shows all the nodes, their status and date of publication



You can also directly edit the nodes, remove or duplicate.


When editing you will see the typical settings


One can move a node in the calendar


The publication date will change. Notice that the date of 23 to September 22 was changed.


Even more impressive is that you can create content using the calendar. The nodes are automatically (the Scheduler) scheduled on this date for publication.


In addition to the calender, there is with this module, even a Dashboard come along. In the settings there to choose what you want to display in the dashboard.


And then it shows. So you see automatically when scheduled for publication.


Finally, there is also a Kanban. It is Japanese for " a board with planning .It does what it says. 


There is also a log that Kanban. So you can see what was recently changed.


Conclusion. Handsome module that will be very useful for scheduling tasks.