Content Import

This module offers you limited import possibilities. You can not compare it with Feeds CSV import. Still...

It can not:

  1. update exisitng nodes. Always new ones are made.
  2. only taxonomy is multiple useable
  3. no content reference
  4. seperation not to choose

Let's start with the CSV file. As the name says it is comma seperated. Not ";". Excel uses this so don't use the CSV from  Excel as it is. Change the ";".

As it uses a comma to seperate, in text strings a comma has to be used adding " " at start and end of the whole string. HTML can be used.

The colomn names are exactly the same as the machine names of the fields. Title and langcode are necessary.

In the taxonomy field the vocabulary has to be mentioned. One can add multiple terms. Not existing terms are made. Look at the example.

For image fields, the name and extention of the image will do the job. The images have to be present at the server in the folder public/name of the content type/images. Only one image possible. Damn..


Look at the configuration:





Text, multiple taxonomy, images, boolean,...all fields possible except content reference. For content reference there is an other module. Import through CSV. It imports only reference fields. Damn again..