Collapse Text

If you're dealing with large amounts of text and you want to keep the overview... this is a must.

You can choose to collapse or to unfold when loading the page. Below is collapsed 2X and 1X unfolded.


Clicking flips out ... You can also use images


To do so you need to check the filter after activating the module in the text formats (eg full HTML).


In combination with other filters you have to respect an order. This explanation is shown with the filter itself.


Below the filters you see this. You can override the default title. If you do not create a title yourself, it will be used.


An example:


OK. How to use this module? Their explanation is in document of their module. 

The collapsible portion must be preceded by [collapse] (default unfolded) or [collapsed] (default unfolded) and are closed with [/ collapse] or [/ collapsed].

Also, you can manually enter a title and you can define a CSS class. 


There's more .. if you do not have a title, the program takes the first header (H1, H2, H3, ...) that it encounters. It take this as a title and removes the header in the text.