Codrops Item Slider

Codrops has a beautiful script with animations to present images per category. This code was not suitable for Drupal. I modified the code and made an integration for Drupal 8.

The module creates a content type "Item Slider View"It is not a real Drupal view '... I prefer to speak of an overview page (node). node of this type displays all pictures of a selected image field in a selected content type. 

It is a third party. Place the folder item slider in the libraries folder. 

Choose to add new content ... from te new content type.

Write down the title, an image field and a content type. (The machine names can be found at the respective content types and fields.) Ready ... the module does the rest.

This is the representation of a screen wider than 800px. The images are displayed per nodeThis is done fully automatically and with animations.

If narrower than 800 px the module provides a responsive list of all images without the node titles.

Each image is linked to the node ..