Codrops Fullscreen gallery with thumbnail flip

This Codrops code I integrated into Drupal 8 and I have made some "improvements", i think.

The thumbnail will display the next image and not the same. The title is a link, so you get out of these pages now. Some CSS was also added to adjust for the better on small screens.

The integration of the Codrops code was not easy because the code conflicts with most Drupal themes. Hence the module Clever Theme Switcher is used. When the content type is used the theme switches to 'Stark'. (This topic has no annoying CSS or scripting.)


The module creates a new content type:

Add pictures and fill in the title  and altThey are needed in the presentation. The title is a link to a node or view with the same URL. So if you choose the title "Drupal Training ', then you must also have a node or view URL: /Drupal Training

Desktop presentation. You can navigate by scrolling with the arrow keys and the arrows on the left of the thumb.

Smartphone presentation. Here you can only navigate with the navigation arrows (see arrows left).

The presentation has a nice flip scrolling effect.



1) see if Stark theme is active (not as default , but installed = active)

2) Install the third party in the libraries folder. (/Libraries /FullscreenFlipGalleryThumbnail) Case Sensitive!

3) Install the dependencies of the module. (if needed)

4) install the module